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Re: what kind of woman this Virgo is attracted to?

This is where not knowing his birth time is limiting what we can figure out astrologically. His moon placement isn't evident in his behavior at all. If it were, he would act much more serious and introverted, not just regarding women and dating, but in general. His sun placement doesn't really seem to be, either. Virgo is single minded, process oriented, happiest when working on something, but doesn't get involved in relationship drama or even care that much about having a relationship. Virgo sun people usually do, but that's because they have other chart placements that provide more of a relationship orientation. Nobody is all one sign--I'm just describing sign archetypes here.

That his dating behavior is so different from what his sun and moon placements suggest, tells us that the way he meets the world--ascendant--and the way he draws relationships in--descendant--is guided by signs with a very different message from Virgo and Capricorn. I think we can safely say he doesn't have an earth sign ascendant. More likely, it's either a fire sign or an air sign. If it's an air sign, it's possible that his Mercury or Venus is on his ascendant (Libra rising) or trine his ascendant (Gemini or Aquarius rising). If that's the case, he's relating to people and drawing them in through the Libra in him--that diplomatic politeness that you see--and he's particularly interested in fiery women (air sign rising means fire sign descending)--which you are, if not as extreme as those other women he's dated.

But his deepest needs are shown by his moon (what he needs emotionally) and sun (what he needs for core personal growth). Both of those suggest a seriousness, likely tendencies to self criticism (Virgo) and melancholy (Capricorn), and a need for personal work and achievement (Virgo/Capricorn). These placements may be in a hidden part of the chart, not connecting with his ascendant at all. He's got that serious, self critical, and possibly depressive self buried deep inside him. It's not emerging in social situations.

You can relate to him most easily on a deep emotional level. Your shared moon placement and Venus trine tell us that. Where you aren't meeting him is superficially (opposite Mercurys), and that superficial part is the gatekeeper.

You seem to have a similar history yourself. Your popular, fiery, Leo/Aries persona is quite different from your deep emotional needs. Have the people you dated before met you on an emotional level? Or was it more of a superficial relationship?

If we had his accurate house placements, we could see whether he's just someone whose emotions naturally live in a different place from his social and romantic life, or someone who really needs a romantic partner who can connect with him emotionally. Different seventh houses, Venus house placements, etc., would tell different stories on that. If it's the first, you could never be more than his good friend, because he just wouldn't see you as a romantic possibility, ever. If it's the second, then he's covering up his real needs by dating people who don't meet them. In that case, you probably are someone who would meet his real partnership needs. The question is whether he's ready to make the change.

I've done some chart reading on here for someone who was born within a few days of him, and that person was in the second case situation: they'd been dating people who didn't meet their real partnership needs, and decided they were ready to make changes. The similarity of the charts, and the disconnect between his social behavior and the needs that his sign placements alone suggest, lead me to suspect that something similar is going on with him.

If that's so, then for him to be open to a romantic relationship with you, he would have to be feeling that what he's had isn't fulfilling, and he would have to be ready to admit that he needs a deeper emotional connection, and ready to consider the possibility he could have a deeper emotional connection with someone who is also a romantic interest. Which he may or may not be. If he isn't, he would most likely push you away if you tried to initiate something. If he is, he would probably be very happy to know that you have feelings for him.

With his placements, if he does want a deeper emotional connection in a relationship, and does have any interest in you, again, it's not likely that he'll express it. He may be trying to keep things superficial between you out of fear that you would reject him if he opened himself up to anything deeper.
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