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Re: what kind of woman this Virgo is attracted to?

I think he likes you saying what you think, straight. Perhaps he admires that in you because it's not something he knows how to do himself, and not, judging from how you've described your expectation of femininity, what people around you expect from a woman.

His chart as a whole is earth dominant, with Mars near the sun. That suggests a person who is, at the core, pretty strong willed, and strong in himself. Men like that usually like women who can match them. You have a lot of earth in your chart, too, and that along with your fiery way of communicating is probably showing him that you are his match. But, in your bluntness, you also show him what he's lacking in himself. If he's not frightened off by that... and if he's been your friend for so long, he's obviously not... then he likes that in you, probably admires you for it.

Being a Libra Mercury, it's not at all natural for him to communicate bluntly, any more than it's natural for you to be diplomatic and "feminine." This is a case of, probably, opposites attract. Not only that, he has no fire at all in his chart. Even if he has a fire rising sign (which we don't know), it's still a fire deficient chart. You, with Leo rising and Aries sun/Merc trine the ascendant, show him that fire that he lacks.

I don't think he needs you to play more feminine and fragile than him. Rather, he needs you to be yourself, even if that self is more "masculine". You have a similar emotional landscape to his, and if you can show him that honestly, he would relate.

Judging from how you describe the way he acts around you, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he is attracted to you. Being nice to you but walled off and indirect, sounds exactly like what someone with his chart would do if they feel a deep emotional connection to someone along with attraction. He may think you couldn't possibly like him in that way, and with the Capricorn moon inwardness and Libra unwillingness to rock the boat, along with perhaps some self-critical Virgo in the picture, he's not going to want to risk expressing more.

So, if someone's going to express interest, it will have to be you. You know him and I don't, so you're in a better position to think of how to do it best. Perhaps you could write him a note about how you feel. Perhaps you could try talking about some of your deeper feelings with him (not necessarily your feelings about him, but feelings in general) and see how he responds and go from there.

Regardless of whether this ends up being a romantic relationship, you could have an even closer friendship if you got more open.
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