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Re: what kind of woman this Virgo is attracted to?

hello, thank you so much for the answer you wrote.

I must say i am impressed of you writing all of those words and analysing these charts.

Moon: you and he have the best possible placement for compatibility. We don't know exactly where his moon is, not knowing his birth time, but in this case, there's no question of moon sign. Six degrees earlier or later than where it is in this chart would still be solidly in Capricorn. No matter what time he was born, his moon is in the same sign as yours. People with the same moon sign have highly similar needs when it comes to emotions and comfort and security, and instinctively understand each other's needs. Shared or harmonious moon signs also mean, often, that you want the same kinds of things in your home environment--so, if you had a relationship that got serious enough to live together, you would probably live together well.

His moon might be conjunct yours. It might be conjunct his Saturn. Even if it's not, moon in Capricorn has a similar energy to moon conjunct Saturn in any sign. He would understand your Saturn/moon needs and responses very well, because he has them himself.

This placement should balance out some of the Venus square energy, because he has his own Venus square his own moon and Saturn, by sign and possibly by orb. He's used to that kind of energy. Encountering the same dynamic in a relationship with another person would be, more or less, like encountering it in himself. It's not as likely to cause problems as it would be with someone who has Venus square your moon but not their own. However, if any problems do result from this, it wouldn't be an "I just don't understand you" kind of problem, instead, it would be a "You're too much like me" kind of problem
When you wrote about possible feeling of similarity - i must say that sometimes i 'feel' this feeling inside him. Its weird because sometimes he 'cares of me' and is nice to me like to noone else. Some of his/our friends are surprised that he treats me differently.
I saw in him a bit of a deeper understanding of life. Maybe that may sound weird but actually I MYSELF feel those things in people.

He is popular i am not as popular as him , we have known each other for some time but STILL i have a feeling he likes me being vournelable. And its weird because i can FEEL his vournelable side as well. Even though he hides it in front of the others.

I know he plays a cocky man, a very confident boy but inside he is very fragile. That is why i know i must play even more feminine or fragile than him.
I feel that and i sense that. He has other male friends that he introduced me to- they are different. Their energy is more masculine and 'straight'. Kind of i can predict their moves because i feel they are masculine.
With him- i know he is a man , that hides his feminines side outside. I dont know why. Maybe he is not confident being so vournelable.


Venus: As you noted, he has Venus square your Saturn and moon. See above about that. Your Venus and his are, however, harmoniously placed. Though out of orb, they're trine by sign. That means that, when it comes to how you do romance, how you relate to others, and how you draw people in, both of you operate in similar ways. You might not be able to meet each other's deepest emotional needs (that Capricorn/Saturn moon!), but if you both recognize that and allow each other space for that, you could relate to each other in a very satisfactory way. Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, so have communication as a theme: you would have a lot to say to each other, both literally and figuratively.
Sometimes we 'play' and 'stick' together like good friends but i see and feel a weird emotional friction. He plays with my deepest emotions like noone i have met for example in the last 2-3 years. this is why i must have written this thread!.


Mercury: While your relating styles (Venus) are harmonious, your thought and communication styles (Mercury) are opposites. You're Aries Mercury, and he's Libra Mercury. You are likely to say what you have to say directly and bluntly, while he would have Libra's instinct to keep it polite and diplomatic and less direct. And for you, Mercury is combust--conjunct the sun--so your communication is your core self. You don't see any separation between the two. For him, however, core self and communication live in different places--sun and Mercury are not only not that close together, they're in different signs. He has a sense of self separate from how he communicates. You do not.

That doesn't necessarily mean you can't have a good relationship, but it does mean that in order to have a good relationship, you would both have to be aware that you communicate and think in different ways. You would have to respect each other's differences and learn how to reach each other despite those differences. Unlike Moon and Venus, this isn't the part of the relationship that would come effortlessly. This is the part that would take work. If you're not doing the work... that's when an opposition becomes a bad aspect. It's not bad in and of itself. What causes the trouble is how people respond to it. The same is true of squares, only squares are much more in-your-face.

Your Mercury squares his Uranus/Saturn, and possibly his moon, while his squares yours by sign but not by orb. That could be another inharmonious aspect, but there are mitigating factors. For one thing, you both have that square by sign between Moon and Mercury in your own charts, so it's familiar energy. For another, his Mercury trines your Venus/Mars conjunction, while your Moon forms a nearly exact trine with his sun and Mars. That suggests potential for the Mercury differences you have to lend themselves to, instead of vicious fights, friendly debate or competition. That could be the spice of your relationship. If the relationship went sour, vicious fights could still happen, but they're not the first thing that comes to mind.
Yes, you are on point!!!
Sometimes i think that he 'doesnt like' what i say because i say what i think. Its straight. When i do not do it he is surprised because i remain silent.
He is very diplomatic. Like VERY VERY diplomatic. He knows which words to choose to please people or to make others feel good. Of course he also is very assertive but on a maybe more feminine manner?
Like he thinks and then communicates and I communicate what i think.
Before when i was maybe not so assertive I was being nice all the time and i was fake. People didnt understand my needs because i was not real to myself and to the world. I wanted to be approved by others. Now i dont need to.

But i must learn somehow to be diplomatic in terms of relationships and business. Even my parents STILL say i dont have to be so sharp and so energetic when i SAY because i might scare people off.

Generally people like me but my first impression is sharp. Still dont know why. I must learn to be a bit more feminine...

That still doesn't tell us if he's attracted to you. I think, though, that if he is, there are enough factors in favor of a relationship to make it worth pursuing, if that's what you want. There isn't anything here that would be likely to cause problems that you wouldn't also have with someone else, and there are some factors to mitigate the problems you might have with someone else.
of course. here i went deeper a bit and started analysing horoscopes and synastries. but generally its very simple. women feel when man is interested. and i felt that. But i just needed to make sure HOW to somehow not scare him or HOW we can relate.

adding the last quote from your previous post :

Is this "sadness and general depression that is covered by being popular" how you feel about him in particular? Or is that how you feel in general? Your description of that feeling fits perfectly with the combination of Capricorn moon and Leo rising. If it's an especially strong feeling around him, he must have something in his chart that triggers that for you. Perhaps moon with yours (that will have to be a subject for another post).
i do not feel sad and depressed all the time. I am maybe more melancholic type than even my siblings and people from family. Its been like that for ages. WIth my Aquarius placements i have always been involved with some relations with weird people that outkasts that noone is friends with - an i must have protected them from the popular ones.

BUT I MYSELF , with my Leo Rising very popular as well and its a contradiction. Because I FEEL better with normal people, oridinary BUT AUTOMATICALLY, NATUARLLY i become popular. I am 'attractive and prettuy' when i am 28 y.o i see that. Before i thought i was an outkast but i am a person who walks into the room and people follows her.
Its something i have learnt just 2-3 years ago. I was surprised that THE POPULAR ONES wanted to be friends with me.
I have always associated me with the '2nd part of ' people, those unpopular nerds. But outside i didnt know , people liked me and wanted to be a leader of their class or something.

I was working so much and i was doing those things because innerly i felt unnapreciated- i didnt have a man in some years and i didnt know why. I thought I was ugly and noone wanted me. Now it changes i feel more appreciated and sometimes i just dont want to scare people.
I am not 'grey' i am very corolful, even my face shape is sharp with very characteristic peature. I come from Poland i am not like a polish blond stereotypical woman. I am more French.

Its sad that i have gained my confidence just when i was 25 or 24. Before really i was hiding myself in a mask i didnt believe in me.
That is why maybe i connected somehow with him becuase I SEE and I KNOW his path to become popular.

With his Moon in Cap he perfectly fits the description because his parents divorced. Now his father is very prominent man in the city council but he has much more younger lover.
His mother has been left alone. She is 'normal'. He always was writing about her on facebook. Itw as weird because it was for me just to show off but now i think he didnt know how to describe his painful emotions.
His family home was very catholic and strict. He became a rebel, tattooed guy that is an atheist.
ANd he became popular and i saw he had lots of short romances with party women.

SO its something i want to avoid. Thank you.

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