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Re: what kind of woman this Virgo is attracted to?

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
I see that there is a problem with Saturn square Venus ( again in my relations) and I am the saturnian person.
I dont want anyone to feel bad about me.
I think that problem is much more than just Saturn square Venus. For one thing, you have Saturn and Moon conjunct, so if the other person's Venus squares your Saturn, it also squares your Moon. The way they love and relate, and the way they go about being romantic, is in friction with your deep emotional and security needs.

That doesn't necessarily mean your emotional needs can't be met in that relationship, just that they have to be met some other way than basic romance. If the Venus person has Venus in Libra, they're likely to want to woo you in the classic sense, wine and roses romantic, while if they have it in Aries, they're likely to want to enjoy some kind of challenge with you--their idea of a good date is more like climbing a mountain than like sitting in a fancy restaurant--but Capricorn moon needs, above all, the comforts of having structure and of having a goal to achieve, which neither a Libra nor an Aries style of romance exactly meets. Moon conjunct Saturn, and in Capricorn on top of that, may mean that it's pretty well impossible for anyone, no matter what they do for you or what kind of relationship you have, to meet your emotional needs--so you might be left feeling, this romance should be fulfilling, but it's not. Meanwhile, the other person is probably going to feel like they're hitting a brick wall in trying to please you.

Not only that, if the people you date are your age, they have the same Saturn placement as you--closer to exact the closer in age you are--which means that, if their Venus squares your Saturn, it also squares their own Saturn. Their ability to love and relate has always been challenged by whatever Saturn represents to them--perhaps rules, structure, authority, strict parents--or perhaps, since you and your birth cohort have Saturn conjunct Uranus and Neptune, structure trying to happen under chaotic, unpredictable circumstances involving illusions and broken promises. With your Moon/Saturn energy, they'll feel they're running into that all over again, in some way, when they become intimate with you. To not have that ruin the relationship, they would have to have come to terms with what their Venus square Saturn represents, and make it work for them... but many people, especially young people, don't have those difficult chart factors worked out.

And with all of your peers, you have another dynamic that could make for relationship difficulty: your Venus is in square with your Pluto. That means your ability to love and relate is challenged by what Pluto represents: the dark side of human nature, however you may have experienced it in your life, taboos, the deeply held dark secrets that affect your whole generation but that people aren't aware of, that kind of thing. Everyone your age has the same Pluto placement as you, and because Pluto moves so slowly, its birth cohort is even bigger than Saturn's: everyone in your generation has the same Pluto sign,and everyone up to about 3-4 years older or younger than you has Pluto within orb of square with your Venus--so anyone you date in that age range will have Pluto triggering that Pluto/Venus square for you. If they have other placements in conjunction, opposition, or square with it, that furthers the dynamic.

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
I have a tendency to connect with weird types , very deep but intelligent people. Usually others are not friends with them. It is weird.
That's very Aquarius. A perfect reflection of your seventh house. The seventh house doesn't just indicate who we attract romantically, it's also who we draw into our lives in any sense. Since your eleventh house is ruled by Venus in Aquarius, your friends are indicated in that way, too.

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
Its not my first time. But i feel insecure, i feel weird inside when I approach him. Its like i feel sadness and general depression that is covered by being popular.
Is this "sadness and general depression that is covered by being popular" how you feel about him in particular? Or is that how you feel in general? Your description of that feeling fits perfectly with the combination of Capricorn moon and Leo rising. If it's an especially strong feeling around him, he must have something in his chart that triggers that for you. Perhaps moon with yours (that will have to be a subject for another post).

Originally Posted by myapie View Post
I know he is Virgo and I had some weird stories with Virgos before. I felt like a child in front of other Virgos. Here he is nice but i am scared.
Sun sign has little or nothing to do with compatibility. The planets that carry the most weight in synastry are moon, Venus, and, because it's about how you think and communicate, Mercury. The moon can be anywhere in relation to the sun, so Virgos don't all have a moon placement that would set things off, but Mercury and Venus are never that far from the sun. I think their Mercury and/or Venus placements are probably what you're seeing as problematic with Virgos:

All Virgos have Mercury in Virgo, Leo, or Libra. Most of them have Venus in Virgo, Leo, or Libra, too, while a few have Venus in late Cancer or early Scorpio. Early Scorpio Venus would square your Mars, and bring Venus into the square dynamic through your Mars/Venus conjunction. Any placement in Libra is, by sign and possibly by orb, square your Moon/Saturn and/or in opposition to your Sun/Mercury. Any placement in Leo could oppose your Venus and square your (and probably their) Pluto, activating that dynamic. What's notably absent here is difficult dynamics involving the sign Virgo itself.

All that doesn't say much about the actual dynamics between you and this guy. But that will be another post.

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