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Re: what kind of woman this Virgo is attracted to?

Your question is impossible to answer, for a few reasons:

1. What kind of people we need as partners, and what kind we're likely to be attracted to, is described by the seventh house and its ruler. Fifth house can also play a part. Without an accurate birth time, we have no way of knowing where his house cusps are.

2. Even if you did know his birth time, the indications of seventh and fifth house are very, very broad. Every planet, sign, and placement has many possible meanings. Regarding who he's attracted to, some of those meanings will apply to him and some won't. Without him here to give feedback, we have no way of knowing how that's working for him.

3. Even if we knew what kind of people he's attracted to, that's just looking at very general personality characteristics that can take many forms. Birth charts don't show if you're attracted to particular physical types, necessarily. They don't even show whether you're attracted to women or men or both.

4. Birth charts don't tell us what a person's situation is at any given time. Not even his accurate chart could tell us if he's available for a relationship, if he's interested in having one at this time, or even if he's attracted to women. Let alone if he's attracted to you.

Finally, it's just plain unethical to ask astrological questions about someone else without their informed consent. It's only ethical if you're asking about them just as far as they affect you. You could ask if you have a chance of a relationship with him, and that would be a fair question, but it still wouldn't be possible to answer based on natal astrology.

If you cast a synastry chart between you and him, it would show what kind of dynamics the two of you would be likely to have if you had a relationship. But it wouldn't show how either of you actually feels about the other right now. It wouldn't tell us if he's interested in you, or not interested in you, or involved with someone else, or any of that.
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