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Re: Am I a bad person?

I feel like you are asking because you may be prone to Gorey thoughts. You may have some very graphic interests.

I say this because your Saturn and moon are both very young and in conjunction. However that's the only really hard aspect your moon has. These graphic tenancy will probably die off in your 30's. I suggest you do not act on them, obviously.

You have some other characteristics that will probably bring you some difficulty. However your moon is in Virgo- which means you're actually more emotional practical than what your sun sign suggests. If you don't feel emotionally practical, well- you actually are just calm down honey.

Also you have nothing in your 3rd quadrant- the houses of others. So you really do not need others- and only 2 planets in your 3rd quandrants. You soul lies with yourself and your mind lies as a socialite of sorts.

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