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Re: Am I a bad person?

Hi ,
I am by no means an expert ,only a student of Vedic Astrology.
As per Vedic Astrology you are not Scorpio sun sign ..your configurations are as follows:
Sun and Jupiter in Libra.
ASC mercury and Saturn in Virgo
Moon venus in Sag
Rahu in Cancer ketu in Capricorn
There is no planet in Scorpio.
Did anyone get these positions for his chart?
What i can say is you are not a bad person . Why you may have a doubt is that you belong to the Nakshatra of Moola which is a severe Nakshatra ruled by Ketu ( largely unpredictable) .you may be forced from a corporate life in previous lifetimes to adopt a family/tribe/group life in this one. You will be close to your land or tribe.You are a very good judge of right/ wrong and will ultimately believe'work is worship'.Do not doubt yourself and follow the path what life offers . You may have a ' cutting' nature ..which may be percieved as cruel .Try to do what is just. Dont harm anyone intentionally. God Bless. Be worry free.Hope this helps.

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