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Re: Am I a bad person?

First I want to note that I am an amateur, not a "trained eye" as you say, so naturally everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm still learning. I'd be pleased for you to tell me specifically how very wrong I am so that I can learn which techniques are worth my time as I learn.

So first thing, from what I see, you're not a bad person fundamentally. In fact, you are quite good. You have an absolutely remarkably placed Saturn which isn't likely to allow you to be truly bad.

Nonetheless, Saturn is never the nicest planet, and your strongest planets are both Saturn and Mars - whereas the "nice" planets (from a perspective of what humans would like) are not in a good state, especially Venus. It is absolutely trashed. So I really don't think your life is the nicest. Even if it were nice, there would be a severe lack of feeling nurtured in your life, loved or even supported at all. Luckily though, Saturn and Mars still allow you to go on despite that - they make you a fighter through and through. Saturn particularly in this chart is your "saviour."

You're prompt, do your duty and always try and make at least some progress. You do what you have to do. By all respects, you do what is "right"...and yet still, you don't feel wanted or loved despite all that. It is entirely unfair and you feel misdone by for it. This causes constant irritation and even angry outbursts. You try and control things - everything really from your environment right down to stifling your feelings. You have strong ideas about what is right and wrong and want everything and everyone else to match that for you. But they don't. You're harsh on others and even harsher on yourself, making you seem cold hearted and uncaring. It causes arguments and you become a thorn in others sides because they want to avoid those kind of disagreements. You also are not very fond of sharing your money, and have a tendency to be a bit of a scrouge with it (if you can, though at times you may feel like you have to give it to others, it's something you resent). It's not something against others though, you don't even really like to spend money on yourself if you can help it, apart from some very small comforts you can excuse to yourself and are deathly afraid of the future (money, shelter etc wise).

You end up with a kind of mini-infamy in your social life, where people are aware of these issues and thus seem to deny you things and even be weary to be associated at times incase it looks bad on them.

You are a good fighter (physically if you have to, but moreso when it comes to words - and likely much moreso in words because of Saturn and Mars being for the most part decently placed). You can make good, intelligent arguments and possibly even enjoy debate - people do actually listen to you when you speak, might even agree inwardly, but still they don't like it and the way you come across. As said, you do your duty when you have to (though perhaps with an underlying grudge). When you're not dead set in proving to others that your ideas are the right ones, you are a pleasant talker to others. You're not wasteful, have many means of making a livelihood and are good at saving money. You can be relied upon by others if they need you to do something (though not pay for something), and would be good when the chips are down - because you're so used to the chips being down, that is your life. A bit out of place (and very rude of me, really) but according to this chart, you're probably the "cream of the crop" when it comes to your family tree.

Also of importance, very recently (And most importantly within the last few days actually - the major focus has subsided as of yesterday now since I'm late to the party) you've had immense self focus on finding yourself, who you are, what you're supposed to be doing with yourself. This has actually been an issue for the last year and a half or so, but intensified this month, and then found the most focus about 1-4 days ago. There may have been struggles in a relationship (if you have one, or had one) in that last year and a half or so too where you didn't feel as validated by your partner, weren't sure where the relationship was going and really weren't as relationship focused...really just wanting to focus on yourself. Any of those issues that might still be lingering will probably start to die down in about a month (middle of november) if they haven't started already and you should become more open and comfortable in your relationships again.

Anyway, that's a very basic outlook from some of the little I've learned. If it's totally off point feel free to thrash me one. In fact I hope you do. You have an interesting chart.

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