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Re: Am I a bad person?

Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post

libra asc, artistic aptitudes, social, objective,

wavering decision making, stormy anger when provoked.
asc lord venus debilated 12th self-centred,
possessive spouse, spouse worship perhaps.

jup lord of elevation-pisces for venus conjunct, jup-venus virgo

debilation of venus cancelled, gradual pace of growth,
tending to foreign lands.

jup-moon virgo 11th, perfectionist, critical thinking,
may be choosy about friends,

teaching-facilitating-advisory-audit aptitudes and gains,
pisces 6th inclined to teaching-learning work environments.

leo 11th inimical for libra asc,
under stress-delay-tension, not smoothgoing

moon 10th lord/cancer over 11th virgo, gains from career,
but under stress-delay, inimical leo cusp.

jup aspect own pisces 6th protective of health
and employment prospects.

jup trine aspect cap 4th affecting domestic comforts,
mother's health, property matters, knees-lungs etc

sat airy acq own 4th, tech aptitude, aptitude for public admin,
reformist, innovative, good for property matters, sat lord 4th too.

sat debilated aspect over aries 7th affecting marriage,
sat aspect leo 10th stress in career matters,
sat aspect scorpio 2nd affecting family-finances

sun-mars-mer scorpio 2nd research-occult aptitudes,

reserved, sentimental, suspicious, volatile finances.

separative ketu over cancer 11th, hypersensitive,
prone to career-job changes.

currently jup transit natal moon-jup-virgo 11th for gains,
promoting teaching-facilitating-advisroy skills-income etc,

sooner now rahu joins jup/moon-virgo tending to rise-fall,
to care yr ahead.

ketu transit pisces 6th prone to health issues, job separation, etc
jup aspect pisces-ketu 6th protective till mid-Aug 016 or so.

wishing luck from 9th lord mer over scorpio 2nd,
research-occult aptitudes, sun-mer-mars scorpio,

sat moved to sag 3rd for initiative-progress coming 2yrs,
sat aspect own acq 5th protective of education-position

but may not be good for health of children,
sat transit sq moon-jup under stress however,
sat aspect moon-jup virgo 11th restraining income-gains.

past 2.5yrs sat transit sun-mer-scorpio 2nd
family-finances etc under stress,
while promoting research-occult interests.

chart with research, teaching-advisory,reformist-innovative aptitudes,
results-rewards under stress-delay-tension, not smooth going,
self-centered, reserved, suspicious, critical,
wavery decision making, stormy anger, objective, love of justice-fairness.

hope generic observations-inputs enable reflect further, pick as relevant,

could share specific feedbacks per return.
hope find insights useful. could share agreements-disagreements.


hope the moderated reading helps clarify!
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