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Re: Am I a bad person?

Originally Posted by sachapac View Post
Thats super in depth, thank you. I find it difficult to put all of that together - What would you say are the over arching themes of my chart?

You mentioned "under stress" and the term"lord" repeated throughout, do you mind explaining whether the reference to stress means this is a development area for me? As well as explain what the term "lord" means?

thank you for any explanation - thanks in advance x
1st House (1st Lord) Aries, Mesha, Mars
2nd House (2nd Lord) Taurus, Vrishbha, Venus
3rd House (3rd Lord) Gemini, Mithuna, Mercury
4th House (4th Lord) Cancer, Karaka, Moon
5th House (5th Lord) Leo, Simha, Sun
6th House (6th Lord) Virgo, Kanya, Mercury
7th House (7th Lord) Libra, Tula, Venus
8th House (8th Lord) Scorpio, Vrishchakra, Mars
9th House (9th Lord) Sagittarius, Dhanu, Jupiter
10th House (10th Lord) Capricorn, Makara, Saturn
11th House (11th Lord) Aquarius, Kumbha, Saturn
12th House (12th Lord) Pisces, Meena, Jupiter

This is Vedic Astrology.
Rahu and Ketu in Vedic. Astronomically, they do not exist in the universe.

"Internet Reference"...(When Moon moves from South to North in its orbit and crosses Sunís path Ė the incision point is called Rahu or Dragonís Head. When Moon transits towards South and crosses the Sunís path Ė the incision point is called Ketu or Dragonís Tail. This point is at 180 degree distance from the previously mentioned incision point (Rahu).
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