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Re: Am I a bad person?

Originally Posted by sachapac View Post
Yea I get that - not taking anything too deep or literally.

I'm trying to figure out what makes me tick and where my influences are based and i suppose whether i am to be truly challenged on a cosmic level - through lessons i need to master or whatever..

Again, i say "challenged" with subtle and light humour
Nothing much to add to what everyone said, but, I have to say, I love the jolly enchanting chart! Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune, the Node, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun-some sweet magic you can work there! Your Mercury is on my Sun and your Pluto closely conjuncts my Mercury

It's just what Waybread said, those particular misdeeds are what make people bad.

Your lesson is the tiny little Sun square. Whenever you try to radiate the flaws of the Sun, Saturn won't hesitate to correct you, but it's OK. I feel for the Moon inconjunction too, so: *big hug* Take good care of yourself, OK?
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