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Re: What does 4 planets in one house mean?

Originally Posted by Vyri View Post
Much thanks to Crystal Pages for His adroit succinct thoughtful perking to those wishing to develop their thinking noodles.
Thank you Vyri!
The ocean of astrology (including Jyotish the Indian Ocean ;-)) is full of fish!
Many believe in 'fishing' for others so that their hunger is quenched for a meal or two or three. Invariably, these once hungry, then sated, grow hungry again very soon and post and repost their 'meal-orders' again and again.

Far better, IMO, to motivate them to learn how to fish, as opposed to remaining forever addicted to the internet-dole! <LOL>

The lazy ones hate that, but even if those may form the vocal majority, there are a few that tune-into what internet astrology discussion forums are potentially capable of and should be!

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous (health, knowledge and similar invaluable wealth!) 2015 and may your noodles never dry-up and entangle and engage other limpid noodles into thinking and thus fulfilling the promise and potential that human minds were meant to be capable of!

Love and Light and Levity as well as reality!

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