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Re: What does 4 planets in one house mean?

Hey ,

I have not studied astrology from anyone, I am a self learner. I donno to use those complicated astrological terms like ordinary astrologers uses, I bilieve in plain communication.

The 4 planet conjunction in 2nd house Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. This simply means that you are highly passionate and impulsive in relations. You may even go into unwanted conclusions. ( I also do that ) 100% you have artistic talent, 2nd house rules throat as well. Dnt give ears to negative talks. I have 5 planets in 9th house. Jupiter, venus, Rahu( north node) mercury and Sun. I have Sanyas Yog but I am married and have 2 kids. But its difficult to adjust with the material world but I manage somehow. For you also will have problems in relations , that everone in the world has. Dnt give a heed to technical terms like Karmic debts and heavenly inflictions, bcz we donno what out past life is, we are here to spread goodness and light. Just do right in every situation, even if u fail , try to attain purity. then all that karmic debt will release you from the burden. Pls practice meditation which will help you to attain more stability . Dont worry about all these things. bcz what you fear will come upon you. Yes planets give hints, but God is above these planetary alignments and conjunctions. There are astrologers who told me that I will never be married in life, but look at me, I am. So keep going. dnt worry
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