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Re: What does 4 planets in one house mean?

Originally Posted by ritz View Post
Thank you for your time and response. I have Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Sun in Leo 2nd house. Please guide me with what this means since i have heard some scary things from people before. So this is in a way compelling me to learn for my own self.
Using a medical model in such situations has helped me in my early years. You see, a surgeon when s/he is dealing with a case tends to focus on the site of disease which is to be focused on during surgery. No time to get distracted by the rest of the body etc. There are others around to worry about the rest.

An internist (Physician) on the other hand has to pay attention to the entire body because otherwise diagnosis gets missed and the doctor becomes biased!

In astrology, the physician is a better role-model, not the operating surgeon!

The patient's body (and physiology pathology thereof) in astrological examination rooms has 12 signs, 12 houses and the nine pendulums that make the clock (of the nativity) tick.

Sure, some parts look more attractive and grab attention, but can distract the astrologer! Astrology is not surgery; it is more like medicine!

Having four or more planets in a house may sound unusual, but after having seen many charts, the *novelty* of that wears off since it is not all that uncommon!

Learn the craft holistically and if you do not have the time or interest in doing that (it takes years and more than one chart (ones own!) to learn) -- then get a proper reading done!

Self-diagnosis is something that even professional doctors do not indulge in, and I have not heard of many (any actually!) surgeons that amputate their body parts!

Love, Light, Reality!

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