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Re: Synastry - Planets on a house cusp

Thank you for your respond, I will be looking more into it..

Originally Posted by vivek bse View Post
Her Sun falling in your 12th house might not be a very comfortable situation for you.... she (her sun) might bring to light those weakness or strengths which you prefer not to be discussed / talk about.
If the relationship is karmic there will be some planetary conjunctions from the outer planets (Uranus/Nep/Pluto) of one's chart to the inner planets of the second chart. There could also be some Vertex connections.
The Draconic chart might be useful to see if it is really a fated relationship as well...
Your birth chart shows your past, present and future. In no particular order.

What is the most important part of a birth chart? The one who has to carry it around everyday, of course!
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