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Re: Progressed Chart

Originally Posted by naturalesoul View Post
So, Question... How do you know pull everything togethere to make more sense.
In my experience the best way is to pull up the progressed chart and the natal chart and have them side my side. Really makes interpretation much easier.

The most important and really most eventful considerations should be;

1. the progressed ascendant- what sign it is in will determine your general appearance and interests at this time.

2. where is the moon- what sign and house are very relevant.

3. any conjunctions are usually strongly felt.

4. very eventful times are when the ascendant or sun are changing signs in the progressed chart. Usually its a crisis period before some kind of major change.
Then you want to overlay the progressed over the natal chart. See where progressed planets are in relation to your natal---conjunctions are significant, particularly to the natal ascendant.

I think studying major events in your life is always the best way to learn about the progressed chart. I also think of the progressed chart as showing destined events/themes that are shown in the natal chart by placement. But the progressed chart, in a sense, wakes up energies from the natal chart at a particular time period.
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