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Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
All I know is that the draconic chart is a karmic astrology thing. I've never studied it.

The meaning is the same, but the words are not. Your ascendant is Virgo in Vedic but Libra in Western. For them to be the same, the meaning of Virgo would have to be exactly the same as the meaning of Libra. In reality, the meanings assigned to the signs differ slightly between Western and Vedic astrology. So do the meanings assigned the the houses. When a Western astrologer and a Vedic astrologer interpret the whole chart, they'll get similar answers, but they arrive at those answers in somewhat different ways.

Suppose you see a bag labeled, "Gift." You would probably take that to mean there's a present for someone in that bag. Or maybe it's a bag of small presents. What else could possibly be in a bag labeled "Gift"? (Imagine that this is a plain bag, with no other words or symbols or drawings on it.)

But then, suppose you found out that the person who labeled the bag does not speak, read, or write English. Their language is German. There's poison in that bag.

Same word, very different meanings.

But if you and the German speaker both saw a traditionally wrapped present, you would both interpret it as the same thing. You might call it a gift, and they would call it Geschenk, so the words wouldn't be the same, but you would both know what it was. And suppose you had a visitor from some other culture where wrapped gifts are not a thing at all, and they asked both of you what it was. You would both be able to tell them (assuming they understood you), and you would both tell them the same thing.
Oh I see what you mean. Thank you I get it now.
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