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Re: The natal chart all interpretations welcome

Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
Now Iím researching and learning more on here. While researching I have come across draconic and sidereal charts.

Iím shocked it changed my signs so Iím draconic my sun is Leo and my asc is Taurus.
A draconic chart takes the north node and moves it to 0 Aries, and then adjusts the rest of the chart accordingly. Unless your north node is at or near 0 Aries to begin with, that will result in drastically different placements. Supposedly, the draconic chart is all about your karmic self. I don't work with it, personally. I think we really have enough information in the natal. That's complex enough.

Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
Sidereal my sun is in sag and asc in Virgo like Vedic chart.
That's because Vedic astrology is sidereal. Western astrology is tropical, but there's an offshoot branch of astrology called Western sidereal, which hybridizes Western sign meanings and interpretation methods with the Vedic way of determining which sections of the sky are called what.

Sidereal and tropical astrology are really different languages. Vedic astrology is as different from Western as English is from German. Western sidereal is like a pidgin of both languages.

Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
So who are we really with all these charts. Which is true to us?
Arguably, all of them. But they shouldn't be interpreted as having the same meanings.

Change a Western chart to Vedic, or vice versa, and the sign and house for most placements change. But the meanings of each sign and house are somewhat different. In the end, if you went to both a Western astrologer and a Vedic astrologer and asked them the same question, and gave them the same birth information, you would get similar answers from both.

Also keep in mind that the idea of equating sun sign with personality is thoroughly Western, and strictly modern at that. It's not done in traditional astrology. In Vedic astrology, the main reference point is either the moon or the ascendant, depending on which branch of Vedic. Kind of like where in your body your personality resides: some cultures say the brain, some say the heart, some say the liver, some say the lower belly. Different astrological cultures have different views of where in the chart "you" reside.
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