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Re: The natal chart all interpretations welcome

Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
Pluto is exactly on the 2nd cusp, so what we are really talking about is your sense of self esteem, how you value yourself, your self worth. This is challenged by the mars square, the spark that sets it off is other people.
The midpoint between the pluto and mars is exactly loving Venus, ruler of your ascendent. This is what you should use to defuse and re-mold the negative energy. Love and affection, and in the 3rd, you can do it through words.
Sextile the Saturn and Jupiter on ascendent, which is the filter through which it all passes to reach the world outside of you, Saturn being discipline and Jupiter being benevolence.
You have it in you to do this, you just have to tap into it, and you will flip the situation.
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