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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Just as a general note, with all those irrelevant asteroids the chart is so cluttered it's difficult to weed through and see the important aspects.
The MH, career is cancer ruled by moon. Moon in Leo on north node is a very positive aspect. Trine the Neptune/mercury conjunction in about communication, writing, fantasy.
Neptune is also ruler of the 6th house of work, which means you would find work in writing or communications.
Venus ruler of 2nd and general significator of beauty is in a wide trine with the moon, showing the possibility of earnings from this type of work. Venus also rules the 9th of publications, universities, law.
Appreciate the general note about the chart. I thought it would be relevant but obviously not 🙊 xx

ElanaJ your very good wow! And just wanna day thank you for looking and your insights once again especially with all the lines etc!

You have bought back memories. When i was younger I wanted to be an author and then this thought faded away going through my teens and finding a new group of friends and discovering new things including rebelling etc. So when I left school and college I took a totally different career path which has led me to be independent but Iím now in a place where I want more freedom. I want to work for myself. Thereís a few possibilities but none of those possibilities was writing/comms until you bought it up. 😍😍
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