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Re: Jupiter entering Scorpio

Originally Posted by toots View Post
How soon are we suppose to feel effects of Jupiter entering a sign? In this case Scorpio on Oct 11th. Some say we can feel the effects way before it happens or can it only be felt once it crosses that imaginary line of 0 degrees Scorpio? Iím experiencing some tough times and was hoping Jupiter would save me..somehow. Going through so much mental agony and things appear fearful to me. Would like to not feel fear throughout my days.

Tropical astrology followers (SOME, perhaps not all?) give much weighting-weightage to transit returns of jupiter and the slower saturn (and retrograde mercury -- but let us not digress...?)

It is true that many jyotishis give much importance to sade-satis (saturn returns over natal moon), but here is what I experienced for jupiter:

First return (age 12) -- Inconsequential? Age 14 was harder and ultimately healing ...?

Second return (age 24-25) -- Growth and Maturity and began post-graduate education and first taste of independence and self-building

Third return (age 36-37) -- Became parent and attended a marriage of a close relative. Lost my home (flood), but covered by insurance and stayed with elder sibling during the five months that renovation took. OH, and during that period got covered by local TV for my research activity (Not astrological) and got interviewed by a national TV network.

Fourth return (age 48-49) -- Acme for myself, family and my work-group supervised by me, although a difficult time for neighbouring country and the world in general? A moment of awakening for ALL...?

Fifth return (age 60-61) -- Retirement, a bit earlier than I had planned, but very timely...!

Sixth return (72-73) -- If I have suffered enough already, perhaps the faculties of memory, wisdom-acquired, etc shall see me through when the time arrives...?

I am sure others who have experienced Jupiter returns differently, shall not agree or might have other memoirs to share? Little wonder that astrology (any, but I only know JYOTISH) reminds us during our heuristic journey, that ONE SWALLOW does not make summer, nor does ONE ROBIN announce SPRING for ALL...?
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