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Re: Aquarius Moon conjunct Neptune?

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
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Any planet in its sign will be modified by aspects from other planets. Most astrologers allow a 10-degree orb for the sun and moon, some more, some less. In effect, your moon is being "Neptunized." It's also being modified by the other planets you mention.

The most dynamic aspect appears to be a square from Saturn.

See if you can come up with key words or phrases for each of these planets. Then look for ways to combine them in a phrase or sentence.

moon: emotions, feelings

Aquarius: the fixed air sign. air=mental, intellectual

Neptune: different view of reality, creative,imaginative, but not so realistic

You may be quite the idealist! You may feel enjoyment in creative ideas.
Yes I might be idealistic, I think this describes it well. I'm very creative or at least try to be creative and it's very important for me to feel good.
For example I love writing (my Venus in Gemini?) and creating storys and fantasy worlds. Could it be, that I have deep emotions because of Neptune, but don't always show them because of Aquarius?

Will this moon have some of the Piscean traits? I have a water void in my chart, but seem very emotional and sensitive to other people.
Also I tend to be unrealistic in relationships with other people. I feel that they hate or love me and then it turns out to be vice versa.

Anyways thanks for your help, I appreciate that
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