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Originally Posted by Luna Lovegood View Post

I've been interested in Astrology for quite a while now. But there are still things, which I don't understand in my chart.
My moon sign is Aquarius, but I don't fit the description of being unemotional and detached. My moon is at 946 in Aquarius and my Neptune is at 422 in Aquarius. Is this a conjunction? I'm wondering, if the orb is too wide or if it is still considered a conjunction. And if so, how would it change the meaning of my Aquarius Moon? They are both in the 11th house.
The moon has also a conjunction to Uranus I think (16 degrees Aquarius), a Sextile to Pluto in Sagittarius with an orb of 002 and a Square to Saturn in Taurus with an orb of 140.
I know, these are a lot of facts but I hope someone could help me to figure out, what it means

Thank you for your help and I apologize for my bad English.
You probably born in 90s? Is that right?
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