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Re: A LOT of aspects to my Sun/two dads?

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and it really shows in my chart, because it is so chaotic!
When I was 18 I found out that the man that raised me was not my biological father, but to me he is still the "dad".
He was a Leo, 25 years older than my mom. He used to be very choleric and domineering when I was little, but it's gotten better as he got older and began to realise that I'm fiery myself and will not take any ****. He also wasn't very reliable when it came to finances.
But besides his faults, I know that he really loved me and my brother,
he used to spoil us with toys and sweets lol and would go to the end of the world for us.

My biological father is a Gemini, almost same age as my mom.
He had a one night stand with my mother, when he was already married
and refused that he is my father even though biological tests (that I had to endure about 2 times when I was about 1y year old)
proved otherwise.
We got in contact when I was 18 (because he wanted to see me since I was like 13 but my mother refused it) and been communicating ever since. He is quite rich and thanks to him, I can live secure life, which my mom cannot provide for me (Leo dad died 2 years ago and left a huge debt on her shoulders, even thought they got to this **** together), before I get on my own feet.

I don't mean to brag, just wanted to give you some clues you can work with considering my sun, because it really is a chaotic situation.

Please, have a look and tell me what you see. I will be very grateful for any of the answers!!!

Interestingly, in ancient times, VETTIUS VALENS mentions in THE ANTHOLOGY
written two thousand years ago
Saturn is a significator of the fahership of others’ children
i.e. non-biological fathers
so check out Saturn for adopted fathers
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