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Re: A LOT of aspects to my Sun/two dads?

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Hello there! I have way too many planets aspecting my sun to the point that I really do not know what to make out of it.
There are also two quincunxes which I have hard time understanding. Is my ego that shattered? Anybody cares to have a look?

I know that Sun represents father
Sun represents authoritative people - not only the father

Originally Posted by Omnisphericus View Post

In Women's chart the Sun is of great importance.
According to Ptolemy we seek to find the Sun in the two Oriental Quadrants: from AC to MC, and from DC to IC, because this signifies that the woman will be married in her youth and that she will take young man in her older years, but not an older husband.
But when the Sun is in the Occidental quadrants (from AC to IC, and from DC to MC), then her marriage is delayed or in youth she will take older man.

If the Sun is from the beginning of Aries till the middle of Taurus,
or from the middle of Leo all the way to the end of Virgo,
or from the beginning of Libra all the way to the middle of Scorpio,
or from the middle of Aquarius till the end of Pisces, and the significator (In women's chart this is the Lord or Almuten of the 7th house) is Occidental, she will marry in old age or with older man.

If the significator is under the Sun's beams, it signifies that she has no marriage.

If the Sun is in fixed sign signifies that she will be married to one man only.
But if in that sign there is Oriental planet, you will judge that the man will be young or that she will marry another one after that.
If the planet is Occidental, then he will be older.

If the Sun is in mutable sign she will have two husbands.
If the Sun is in cardinal sign she will have many men.

This is the chart of Jennifer Aniston.
She was very publicly married with Brad Pit and had numerous broken relationships after that.
Her Sun is in fixed sign, so she married once.
The problem is that this Sun is afflicted from the Lord of the 7th and the Sun itself is Almuten of the 7th. This is (and other testimonies) what brought divorce.

Jennifer was 31 years old when she married Brad, so not so young. Brad was 36, a little bit older then her.
Sun is in the Oriental Quarter, but from the Middle of Aquarius till the End of Pisces which testifies that the she will take older man and in her older years (older from Medieval viewpoint).
With the Sun in the same sign there is occidental planet, which again testifies about older man and marriage in older years.
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