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Re: Did she mess with someone else in london

Originally Posted by hyper88 View Post
Hey just wanted to find out for sure it could be in my mind but I wanted to know if i was wasting my efforts did she cheat
I agree with Ilene, there is some kind of separation between you or pulling apart. Sun does apply to Mars, and Venus (her as a woman) has changed signs and with it receptions. Venus no longer exalts Saturn (you) and that is what you noticed - she might not be all about you anymore but more distant.

Venus is in sign of Mars, mutual reception between Venus and Mars. I don't know whether there is cheating but someone else got her attention, or someone she just met. Moon, your co-ruler is in detriment of Mars, so perhaps this is someone known to you. Moon is also in fall of Sun, perhaps you haven't been the most attentive boyfriend?
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