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Originally Posted by oleanna View Post
you had asked the same question a whileago, - is this the same girl?
If so:
Is she behaving in a way that gives reason for serious suspicion?
or is it more you being unable to trust?
maybe try to read your chart for a start, and a little background could help as well...
Thank you for your reply im an aquarius born in feb 10 1988 and my scorpio moon has a strong impact in my chart but with her when ahe says certain things shes more secretive than open even tho shes a sag didnt hear to much about the trip and we talked briefly when she was away but she was hanging out with a friend that i didnt kno to much about now her 5th house is in the 2nd but i see both sun and murcurey in the 5th so it gave me suspision
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