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Re: is she fooling around with someone else?

I am still learning. Take what I say with a grain of salt...

I agree with Virgo18

She views the ex in the same light as you do (Saturn exalts in Libra) If Mercury leaves the sign she will change her opinion of him (he will probably have something else going on in his life ), but he will talk to him again once Mercury goes direct and her feelings will return for him.
Like he goes in his own sign and gets powerful and then starts talking to her again ? Wut...

Edit: MERCURY DID NOT ENTER VIRGO. I should have used an ephemeris rather than being careless. Sorry.

It's the Mercury that's doing all the action

Moon also trines her...

What does she really feel about you ? Cuz Saturn is in detriment of your Moon for now in Cancer and later in Leo

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