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Re: Venus in 12th house?

Originally Posted by crystalsoulz View Post
Thanks Crystalpages!
Infact, glad to see you so candid
And I like being on the forum as it gives lot of case studies and different charts to analyse
Good to hear and see some younger people taking an interest in astrology and with fresher brains and hearts and fresher pairs of eyes looking at this ancient craft and tradition.

There are many forums (fora) and I would encourage one who is sincerely and seriously interested to participate in as many as possible, if nothing else, for sampling what is available. Naturally, one would have to be selective and critical about sifting through the silicon-reality (sandy, computery, and sifting through the mounds of sand!) and collect as many nuggets of gold as sometimes lie hidden in those. ;-)

Even while setting aside some time regularly for reading books because many of those are not merely rephrasing the same old, same old but have a research and experience-based sharing. I myself spend time in reading a lot besides internet participation and old and new books still alert me to things that once read and studied tend to get faded even though not entirely erased! <LOL>

All the best!

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