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Re: Venus in 12th house?

Originally Posted by kristina86 View Post
im really starting to bellieve in this astrology..=) and that are sun sign alone dont tell much anything. halleluja! i think thank ur lucky stars u dont have venus in cancer!.. bellieve me..=) just reading about this gaja kesari yoga...and it says it means good fortune,happy life,money...and so on.......this is definitely not the case for good luck from my yoga...or maybe i just understand it wrong..=)
It is unfortunate that a rich body of knowledge and tradition in astrology has from time to time been portrayed as simply 'Sun-Sign' based. For instance tropical astrology due to its unfortunte association in the minds of populace with sunsign columns and annual sunsign predictions on the grocery-shelves! Had I not had the good fortune very early on to become exposed to the writings of Sepharial and Alan Leo or Rudhyar and a few others, even as I was wrestling with Jyotish, I would have fallen prey to that Urban Myth as well and remained a little frog, stuck in my well!

I am sorry if I am offending anyone's belief or sentiments, or not playing along, but I am just being honest and that matters to me at this time and my age.

Love and Light and Reality!

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