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Re: Venus in 12th house?

Originally Posted by crystalsoulz View Post
Maybe this yoga can be through your spouse in near future .. Good luck!
Crystalpages shall elaborate on that
This used to be the belief decades ago, when society (all societies at one time...?) imposed the draconian RULE on womenfolk to stay home and tend to house chores and raising children! Perhaps times were simpler, frugal although not necessarily all spiritual uniformly? But that is increasingly becoming difficult, if not impossible for modern times and its societies! Yes, the change has thrown up new challenges but THIS CHANGE overall has been good, in my viewpoint! Status Quo may protect some (who make or made the rules?) and preserve their supremacy, but the world has moved far beyond and ahead and such beliefs must be questioned!! (my perspective, you do not have to agree or accept mine).

Each nativity is unique and no one, whether spouse, parent, progeny, or whosoever's chart does not influence another ones chart, lifeplan or karma!

That said, the beauty and elegance does show up in charts that show dove-tailed karma patterns, such as seen in families, and perhaps even communities, and LARGER segments of human-families! But, each experiencing nativity should have clear indicators of such things, as you pointed out!

Pardon me if my response is sounding a bit terse? I do not wish to impose my views on anybody.

GKY is not all that uncommon, and other yogas or arishtas too for that matter. Yet, not all seem to enjoy (or suffer from) the pronouncements given for one yoga or combination at a time! As we explore, we do come across pointers but REALLY, the best way to understand and learn astrology is not through internet and forum messages alone! Cracking open a text book, and painstakingly collecting charts and studying those is the ONLY way to go, and likely to be fruitful in gaining understanding of this OCEAN that astrology is, in its MULTI_FACTORIAL splendour and GLORY!

AND, there is no complete or perfect or ONLY treatise despite we hear or get told! Even in our usual and daily fare, how often do we eat just one dish for nutrition? Unless someone is on a freaky diet or similar idiosyncratic pursuit!


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