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Re: Venus in 12th house?

Originally Posted by kristina86 View Post
i also thought my moon and jupiter was in pisces in 8th house?...but they are in aquarius in 7h house? because i have tryed to make my chart on diffrent sites and they show me diffrent shows they are in 8th house and another shows they would be in 7th what is correct?..
Moon at 21d 27m AQU and Jupiter at 29d 45m AQU. Folks using more extreme ayanamshas beyond Raman and even further away from Lahiri might get it in PIS. OR, where you are seeing them against #12 (8th house), the chalit or Sripati or Equal House Division houses, they would show in the 8th but their SIGNs do not change from AQU.

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