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Re: Venus in 12th house?

Originally Posted by crystalsoulz View Post
Do correct me if I'm wrong as I'm yet a learner ,
But does this 12th house Venus has hidden affairs - like a relationship you can't officialise in public?
N since she has it in cancer sign does it signify one gets too emotionally attached with the partner ?
Taken as single and isolated factors, you could be right, although the 8th house is where most things get stashed and in hiding! Cancer signs and moonsigns, in my observation, do have an intense protective tendency towards all those they consider as part of self. It usually could be family, or part of extended family, their work-family, in some cases larger families such as communities, etc. Please understand that that would be a 'starting point' and not necessarily the conclusion because strengths, influences, afflictions, the secondary roles (as karakas of three types) of planets involved, situations in finer divisional charts, placements in nakshatra segments of the zodiac and aspects (signs and degrees) etc would have to be studied and so on...


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