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Will I end up in my dads office ? :(

Hello Members ,
I have been stuck at this question and being forced to join my dads office
but I am still doing my final year of college and still have 2 months in hand ,
and I wanted to know if by any chance i would get another job or something might happen which may help me to get out of "dads office" ?

I want to do things my way , but my dad doesnt understand that and thus being forced to join his office
Question : "Will I end up in my dads business after may ?"

from what I can see :
1.Lord of ascd.( me ) = venus in 6th house (house of work or workplace)
so i guess what this means is that after may il be working .

2.Saturn in ascd. could make the question invalid , but i would still like to know what this chart means .

3.Lord of 10th house (public view) = moon in 5th house(house of self expression) in aquarius.
This could mean that il be in a career or a job where il be expressing my views

But I am unable to find out what symbolizes my "dad" in this chart
and would love it if someone could read the chart .
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