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which ascendant is this?? or these traits come from my moon?

Which ascendant is:

always smiling,
but quiet
When meet new people: first shy, always listening and observing, trying to figure out if the person shows superficiality or deepness... and if the persons are sympathetic and outgoing he'll talks alot... but when persons are shy too, he stays in his ground.
Seems inocent and maybe dumb, but inside very smart
Don't like to talk about his conquers, even when he knows he is the best, he always shows modesty and humbleness.
Get hurt very easily, with critics and distant behavior,
With strangers or with people he's not confident around, he can "lie" to be just kind/polite. He hates hurting someone.
But with family and close friends, he's very honest and frontal.
When hurt, can get very agressive
Is very anxious, and have very pessimistics toughts
Dreams about being a parent and have a home...
A bit nostalgic and depressive...
Don't search being the center of attention, but likes when it happens.
Has a strong bond with his mom

Straight brown hair
Dark brown eyes large cat shaped... friends says that my eyes are intense (LOL)
small nose but with round tip.
very small mounth comparing to the other face features but well shaped lips
My face is not long, I have big cheeks and my lower jaw is also large, but my face I think is more oval because of my chin, people always says that I have a doll face (and I always hated that, I always felt more serious, but people always see me as sweet... lol)
I have more strenght in arms, and they are kind of muscular... I'm not so proportional, because my torso is wider than my hips Large constitution...Long legs... Loves to eat... :S
I like to wear black, and my favourite collour is red and purple...

What ascendant could be a person like this?

My moon is in Pisces, but I'm not sure if these traits of my personality came from my moon sign or not? Is this sound like pisces?
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