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Re: will I get share in my Dads property


You have found your post in the 'Recycle Bin' because you need to provide more background information as to the circumstances surrounding the question. It is most helpful for any interpreter to know how likely it is that you will inherit a share in the property, as this may have a significant bearing in the interpretation.

The more background detail you provide as to the circumstances surrounding this situation, the more information any interpreter is likely to be able to extract from the chart.

For example, why may you obtain or not obtain a share in this property? Who else would the property be shared with? Is a will involved? What other information could you add that is relevant to the situation?

The more detail you can elucidate upon, the more fulfilling a horary this will be for yourself, those who interpret and those who read the thread.

If you amend the post, I will put it back into it's appropriate place.
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