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will I get share in my Dads property

Will I get share in my father’s property? He passed away on nov 20, 06.
I have a younger brother and sister who are the other heirs. My brother lived with my father. I lived away all my life due to my work and life. I donot have a mother. Most likely there is a will which I donot have any details for.

Date of the question November 27, 2006
Time is 20.03
Place of question is Ahmedabad India 23N03 72E40
GMT +6 ½ ( winter time)

The Chart below is according to Indian Vedic Chart system. from what I am reading around on these pages, there must be difference of -23 degrees.

Gemini ascendant 13.13 degrees
Leo Saturn 1 d and south node 28D
Libra Mercury 21.38 D
Scorpio Mars 0 / sun 11.15 / Jupiter 7 D / venus 18.57
Aquarius Moon 2.41 /Rahu 28D

I feel as if it will have hurdles since all good planets are placed in the 6th. Only positive sign I feel is Mercury is in the 5th and moon is also in trine to the ascendant(will the south node enhance the luck factor?)

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