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Re: Recommendatioon for casting natal charts for Glendale, L.A. Co., Calif.

I owe everyone an apology here. I was given the wrong name for the street that Behrens used to be on. It turns out that it was but only a half mile Northeast of the current gps co-ordinates for Glendale. The old hospital was at 446 Piedmont Avenue.

I wish I had fond this out sooner as i recalculated most every astrological Part for my natal chart...a full evenings work.

Verdugo City is far to the Northwest of the location of where the hospital once stood... and while astrodienst does have gps co-ordinates for the location of Verdugo City I fond that it isn't a "city" but is a recognized "neighborhood" within the city of Glendale. The area is actually more commonly referred to as Montrose Verdugo City as they are bordering neighborhoods withing one of those outstretched narrow limbs of the city of Glendale.
It's all very confusing even to me and I lived only a little less than five miles to the west of what is presently designated as Montrose Verdugo City... as there is another area identified as Montrose just to the West of the Glendale city limit and is an unincorporated area.
It seems that in the nearly 50 years since I left L.A. that the "natives" have become restless and are now creating names for enclaves within the county that didn't exist when I lived there... when I lived there no one said they "lived in the City of Los Angeles"...everyone identified themselves with the name of the neighborhood they lived in. One would say they lived in Silverlake, or Boyle Heights, or No. Hollywood or Westwood, for it seems people are disassociating themselves with the City of Glendale...

I'll delete the first post... it's up to the mods if they want to delte this thread altogether.
Again, my apologies for posting mis-information
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