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Re: Fate vs Free will in classical astrology

Originally Posted by lostinstars View Post
Yes, the proverbial statement, but I wonder how much of it is actually true. I think one would agree that when an individual starts feeling dissatisfied with life then s/he would start asking questions like - is there is a free will? why I'm unable to enjoy more of life? To me it is a clear indicator that the individual is facing a force (fate) that is pushing him/her to rise above the challenge. Some overcome (fate) while some succumb to it and wither away, sort of like natural selection.

I want to understand from ancient astrology's perspective why some people deal with so much of fate while some just a little?

To give you an example from astrology (modern & vedic), numerology, palmisty I'm convinced Saturn is out there to get me so to speak. So I did a lot of research on the planet and I'm disappointed that Marsilio Ficino painted an optimistic picture of Saturn of course besides acknowledging the melancholia. To me this is no different than justifying your bad life similar to advocating karma.

So, now I'm on a quest to understand going all the way back.

The following is a quote from WEBINAR

The Astrological Study of Dignity and Debility – CHARLES OBERT

'....When evaluating a chart,
evaluating the location and natures of the planets
gives information
on which areas of life the good or ill fortune will most likely be found...'
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