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Question Re: Moon in Capricorn--Grrrr.... :(

Originally Posted by CrankyCap View Post
I think the OP is arguing for the sake of arguing... but if you want my piece of it (as another Cap moon), everyone has flaws, it's humane and makes us much more approachable than being perfect. We Caps don't like being insecure about ourselves but it's better doubt youself a bit than being over-confident and arrogant (been there too). It takes work to find balance, and even if you do, you can lose it any day out of some **** mishap.

Tell me Piscesasc, do you have any flaws that you might have to work on?

What is your problem? The OP just asked a simple question and kept it civil throughout - so why are you attacking him/her in such a petty manner?

I'm starting to think the OP might be on to something about Cap moons after all...
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