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Transits: Transits are good.
That's a generalisation and generalisation although fun, is unreliable
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Sun to sun transits are very good. They mean action. And success in plays.

Sun to Moon transits are low value. These can mean difficulties.

Sun to Mercury transits are very good for work, useless otherwise.

Sun to Venus transits are good for love and harmonious designs.

Sun to Mars transits are good for sport action, and technical careers. These can be bad for sex.

Moon to Sun transits mean lots of success, and sometimes high activity. They can mean children.

Moon to Moon transits mean a difficult nature. They sometimes mean nursing.

Moon to Mercury transits mean high travel (lots of travel it means). Often it means career.

Moon to Venus transits means design, and movies.

Moon to Mars transits mean high activity. (can be sportive).

Moon to Jupiter transits mean high success. Sometimes drunkard natures.

Mercury to Sun transit mean the same as Sun to mercury: High career.

Mercury to Moon transit mean drunkard nature, and accident while travelling.

Mercury to Mercury transit means disadjustment at work. High clouds.

Mercury to Venus transits mean high love value, and high design value.

Mercury to Mars transit means high sport activity, and mediocre technical activity.

Mercury to Jupiter transits mean high success in traveling, and a general philosophical nature.

Mercury to Saturn transits mean high technical ability (think Plato). x

All of the above are dependent on the condition of the natal planet
natal charts all differ
for example natal suns may be in any one of the twelve signs
similarly with Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

for example
obviously not everyone has "success in plays" during sun to sun transits
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