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Re: Random Thoughts, strictly Text

Speaking of TdM, I did an interview spread for my deck the other day and it answered my question of "describe yourself" with the Sun, off the bat. I have never had any deck give me the Sun before. The next thing I knew, it was giving me a 3 of swords (intellectual explosion), and a lot of wands and cups. It answered "how our relationship will develop" with a confident Chariot. I think the reason why I received so much positive message is because I was studying the TdM when I bought the deck and to study I picked out the cards one-by-one, so we already had a nice experience knowing each other (And also the deck already has a cheerful personality ) Since then I often expect to see my TdM to give me a cup or wand or a similar card

Btw I have temporarily put my Thoth aside because I'm reading a book to understand its symbols to develope my reading skill. Currently my TdM will take over Thoth's place for a while I plan to do another interview spread for the Thoth after my study and hopefully I will have a better relationship with it then.
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