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Originally Posted by Ukpoohbear View Post
Ok, Gemini888, I did tarot for another one of my cats, the chronically ill one who is also the eldest male and thinks heís the alpha (even though heís as soft as (and same colour) as a snowball)

He picked out - 3 of pentacles (meaning recognition), 7 of Swords (Loss), and King of the Ocean (Order)'

Wow, so just reading the meanings from my book here, 7 of Swords keywords are negative people, intuition, know whatís funny about this card is when I said earlier I feel my cats have helped heal me, when I got Teddy, I stopped partying so much because I wanted him to have a peaceful house, and it also helped my mental thatís what heís done for, very accurate, he helped bring peace to my home.

King of the ocean - Ďthe father figure of the tarotí again, wow!!! Keywords protection, wisdom, authority.

3 of pentacles - meaning recognition Ďon the home front this Three can show that now is the time to make your home presentable so you can sell ití keywords security, completion, know, Iíve been wanting to redecorate my home again, and thatís my plan with my new job...heís just telling me to do it lol
So luckily I didn't miss much while I was away tending for my thesis proposal and my **** with the school kids

You know what, I just took up Tarot de Marseille, and if your cat had been picking up that deck instead, the interpretation would have been much different.

3 of Pentacles would be an explosion in recognizing and actualizing the material world. Your cat could have recognized that you are part of what he holds dear, and he would try his best to get to know who you are and how he can work with you, in a practical way.

7 of swords is actually very positive in TdM. It's the most active card of the sword suit. The cat would like to exercise his intellectual understanding in his relationship with you. But unlike the 3 of Swords, which is one-sided, he would want to reach out to you and understand you more. He would want the relationship to be intellectual and beneficial for both sides. Maybe that's the reason why he changed you so much

King of Ocean is King of Cups in TdM. Idk about what the LWB says about King of Ocean, but the King of Cups indicates an emotionally mature person. The cat might be an excellent protector and counselor, able to empathize with you greatly.

Wow that's a lot to accomplish for a sickly cat!

And it looks to me like the cat has begun to understand you emotionally and intellectually, but he is rather confused at what practical things he can do to improve the relationship. It's ok, he isn't in a good health anyway.

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