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Re: Questions about the natal moon and mercury

Originally Posted by Flapjacks View Post
I don't know if waybread has completely abandoned this thread, but I'd like to continue to pick her brains if she is inclined to oblige.

Wouldn't a head injury or other modification of potential ('modification' used loosely...) also be indicated somewhere in the horoscope, and therefore the planetary placement remains a descriptor rather than indicator?

I don't mean to tread this into fatalism territory (otherwise I would have said 'determiner'), just trying to tease apart your view on the limits of interpretation within the context of Yony's question.
If someone's moon (their emotions) is opposite their mercury (their mind) and they weren't born with a mental disease, you could say that both before and after they had the mental disease their mind was indeed at odds with their emotions.

This means no matter what, every natal configuration in our charts remains true, no matter how we change as people.
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