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Any advice during my Jupiter North Node & Moon transit?

I have been working hard since last August to turn my life around and really make huge changes. It is working. Especially with my mental health and like the things I've always wanted and at one point felt hopeless of obtaining....

If you guys have any advice or tips for me on what I should do during Jupiter transiting my Moon and North Node, I would really appreciate it. I would love to get the best out of this time, especially since like ten years ago or something, my whole life fell apart. And it's only NOW where I'm seeing why it all happened and it all made me become the person I've dreamed of being TEN years ago! But now I really want to kickstart the advancement!

And for some reason, I am feeling super flirty and fun and meeting a bunch of cute guys and I even have a crush, which is so fricking weird because I haven't had one since like the depth of my breakdown. It's so crazy how my life has changed and it's only really been like the last 2 years where the sudden advancements start to happen and like the last few months ESPECIALLY where I started to realize and heal from so much. Sorry for babbling, thanks.
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