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Re: What I Have Learned About Relocational Astrology

Hi Pabloes, the paran lines are horizontal lines accross the globe at the same latitude as the crossing. So they don't have to be in the exact place of the crossing, they can even be on the other side of the world as long as it's the same latitude.

Could explain why some places nearby very good lines feel a bit off to me while others feel fantastic
They're only one factor of many other factors, there would be other stuff going on. Perhaps a planet in these locations is conjunct one of the house cusps like the 12th or something like that. You would have to check the chart.

I however don't think the relocation chart matters. We only have one chart, our birth one imo.
Julian Lee has been doing only relocation astrology for 20+ years and has dealt with 20,000+ case studies. From all those years and experience he has discovered not only that the relocation chart is real and important, but he goes as far to say that it becomes your primary chart. When someone has done 20 years and 20,000 cases in a particular field, I humbly take their knowledge as quite precious. It's rare to have someone so dedicated in a specialist field like that in astrology and I believe that level of experience deserves a certain level of respect actually.

As I don't want to hijack your thread, can I PM you about some countries/areas to ask which ones should I consider or drop? I'm deciding on focusing and learning specific languages so I have to know. Thanks!
Sure, drop me a PM, please include your birth data, experiences you have in your natal location and details of any other places you lived and a list of the cities you're considering!
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