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Re: Possibility to find a romantic partner

Originally Posted by Samantha Bean View Post
I'm not totally sure about this, but I'm pretty sure that management doesn't encourage PM analysis of charts, and they want you to do it publicly since this is an open forum. Again, I'm not sure, but I think that management want to reserve PM's for stuff that is outside the realm of astrological readings available on the forum.

If there are hard things to say, and an astrologer says them, but nobody else can see them but the astrologer and the person PM'd to, the PM person can get upset that they are being attacked in a private mail. I have heard of this. But if you say it publicly, the the OP might not like it, but everyone knows. Additionally, in public if an astrologer says something hard, and the OP gets upset, then the astrologer can remove it. Removing it is not possible in PM, nor is having it re-posted on the forum, in a modified way by the OP.

There are just too many potential problems in my doing that by Private Mail. So I if you want it, then I will have to give it HERE.

[this is correct - the Moderators do not want people to PM chart interpretations to people since the purpose of the Forum is to share each other's astrological expertise and misunderstandings can happen by PMing people personal chart interpretations. However, if you wish to discuss something non-astrological or extremely personal that the OP wouldn't want to discuss in the Forum you can PM a request to the OP to discuss this information, if they are so inclined - Moderator]
Thank you Samantha and moderator for clarifying the significance of PMs on AW. I understand that its a public forum and an open discussion on charts is encouraged. Kindly accept my sincere apology if I asked anything unacceptable.

Thank you!
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