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Re: Possibility to find a romantic partner

Originally Posted by sea_of_qi View Post
Yes, actually this is a year when you have a very good chance to meet a lover and develop a partnership/marriage (Mars is a triplicity ruler of the 7th and in better shape than any other ruler and activated this year by being in the Profected sign of the year). Look for your partner to be introduced to you by Their friend or some group that they belong to. This group or friend will involve your recreation/entertainment in some way with a spiritual context, a yoga studio would fit perfectly but there are many options. Alternately. the setting could involve children or the care of children, a daycare etc. If you don't have these things in your life yet, try to start now and take advantage of the trend which will change at your next birthday. The partner and his friend will be assertive and dynamic and stand out in this place.
Thank you sea_of_qi for reading my chart and seeing this much positive aspects. This is surely exciting

It is great to meet people and find someone worth loving but unfortunately it always frizzles out after few weeks.

Only guy I ever found worth loving for life got married last year. I had met him 3 years ago. Since 2015, I have not been able to find anyone to even closely give me similar strong feelings as what he did. But I met two other guys since then but they both made me feel like trash eventually.

Gd has blessed me a successful career and a good life. One bad decision and it will all collapse. I want to be married only once and I want to be married to someone who would love me, understand my lifestyle and struggles I did to build a good career for myself.

About your writeup:
Did you mean that I will meet a suitable partner through my friend? I don't belong to any group, my friend circle is pretty scattered.

Because you said 'yoga", the last guy I found attractive (you can check my recent posts about him) is a yoga teacher. But we don't have mutual friends. We were seeing each other between Nov-Dec 2017 but it ended when he told me that he is only looking for physical relationship. He specifically told me that he cannot be my lover or husband so I had to end this chapter instead of wasting time. He texted me yesterday about how much he still likes me but would only make it work if I please him in bed first. I cannot pursue this condition to find love. I hope you are not talking about him and I am yet to meet a better man for myself.

I am far away from anything related to children. I am a software engineer by profession and none of my friends have kids. My life only consists of office-hanging out with friends. I cannot work outside my visa which asks specifically to work for only one job and only as a software professional.

I am glad you saw an assertive and dynamic personality for me. I think by next birthday things will be radically different than what I have today.

Hope to have peace and happiness in the life

Thank you so much!
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