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Re: Hairy Transits - Can you share your experiences?

Re: Neptune and drugs. Yes, I am very paranoid about that now. I won't even drink a glass of wine. When this started, I had to have dental work, and for the first time in my life I had a bad reaction to the anesthetic.

Which makes me a little paranoid about going to the doctor, too. I had one recommend a drug because he thought my problem was anxiety. I looked at the side effects and one of them was hallucinations! The last thing I want during a Neptune transit is a drug that actually causes hallucinations! Neptune by itself is bad enough. I don't need a prescription that will make me even more delusional.

But you're probably right. I probably need to go the doctor and get things checked out more thoroughly anyway. I've had depression in the past and it does tend to show up in more physical ways. One time my most prominent symptom was actually itchy skin. Thanks, Kingsley.
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