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Re: Hairy Transits - Can you share your experiences?

Why dont you head down the to the Doc's and describe your feelings and thinking? It does sound a little like depression at the moment for you but I really couldn't say just from your comments.

It maybe that your usual method of thinking (which could be novel in itself) is represented by Neptune dissolving things in this transit. This leaves you vulnerable and open to malais. Your usual way of thinking your ways through things is not working perhaps and that might feel disconcerting. Its best to head down the more spiritual path with this one and investigate a whole new paradigm for yourself.

It would be helpful for you to get assistance when making decisions at the moment, you know like someone to proof read your work and bounce your ideas off, to feel sure about waht is going on.

Not a good time for taking drugs unless theyre prescribed.

Best to you and good luck

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